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About Benjamin Chapin

“I work to apply the truth found in the Bible to the life that I live in this world. I don’t want to have an average life and just go through the motions every single day until I die. I strive, and I believe we all should strive, to live life differently. Our Creator has given us this thing called life, it’s up to each one of us to make use of it.”

“When you live by faith, others will ask you why you’re different.”
– Benjamin Chapin

Benjamin Chapin encourages others to live the truth of Scripture that they claim to believe in. He believes it’s their duty, responsibility, and obligation to not only live by these truths but share their experiences and blessings with this dying world that needs Jesus Christ.

His straightforward approach to applying Biblical truths to everyday life in marriages, family, business, and faith has made him a reliable resource for those who seek to grow in their knowledge and understand more about God as well as themselves.

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