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Vision & Mission

Why do anything?

The vision and mission of all the work we do here is to glorify God. It’s the core of everything we stand for and it’s the driving force that steers the ship into the uncharted waters of the future. Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and applying the truth of Scripture is vitally important for every Christian believer.

Our world needs the gospel and it’s becoming more and more difficult to reach people through traditional means (think outreach by inviting people to church). Instead, it’s our belief we must reach them through whatever outlet they’re using. That means social media like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc… This doesn’t mean inviting a person to church is out the door, but we have to first build a relationship and capture their attention quickly.

Investing In People

It’s been said that people don’t care what you have to say until they know you care. I believe this is fundamental in reaching people in today’s world. Growing up we didn’t have google, we had mom and dad and what they said was considered truth. Today, any child can jump on social media or google and find answers that way.

Whether we like it or not, the world is capturing the attention of adults and youth alike. It’s our job as followers of Christ to show them a different way.

Maybe they won’t come to church with you on Sunday morning or join your Bible study, but they might listen to your 40-second clip on TikTok.

Maybe they won’t read and study the Bible today, but they’ll read your quick devotional.

The mission here is not just to capture attention, but to encourage others to grow in their faith and knowledge of God. That small clip might lead to a prayer that turns into a decision for Christ next Sunday.

It’s about planting seeds, knowing God is the one who makes them grow.

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