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“let’s do something great together.”

I believe every person on the planet was put here for a reason by God and I’m going to show you how to accomplish it.

Your life experience can inspire others.

I’ve spent the last seven and a half years writing Christian novels about how people in everyday situations and hardships can get through the hard times when they apply the truth of Scripture to their lives. I was able to share these stories because of the impact Scripture has had on my own life.

When God blesses us, it’s our duty to share that blessing with the world and I believe every person on the planet has something valuable to share with others. Let’s get together and discuss how you’ll make an impact for Christ.

Reaching out is the first step in the right direction.

    Featured Books

    Romantic Suspense Series – Book 1


    Combining great storytelling and suspense, this faith-filled romance will keep readers turning the pages as they discover what faith in action looks like in real life.

    Dare to make your marriage stronger.


    God’s design for marriage is not only beautiful but logical and functional. By applying the Word to our lives, we can not only transform our marriages but all other aspects of our lives.

    Write the book you were destined to write.


    Shed the false beliefs that not everyone can write a book and embrace the message you have for the world.

    Award winning author of over 60 books.

    Benjamin Chapin encourages his followers, readers, and clients to live the truth of Scripture that they claim to believe in. He believes it’s their duty, responsibility, and obligation to not only live by these truths but share their experiences and blessings with this dying world that needs Jesus Christ.

    His straightforward approach to applying Biblical truths to everyday life in marriages, family, business, and faith has made him a reliable resource for those who seek to grow in their knowledge and understand more about God as well as themselves.

    Your life experience is your biggest asset.

    When people think of serving the Lord they think big, like a trip to some foreign country to care for orphans. The reality is you can make an impact in your sphere of influence right where you are in life. Through books, audio, and social media, and even becoming involved in other people’s lives, we can reach the world with the light and good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    7M dads

    are absent from their child’s life in America.


    of families who are without fathers are more likely to live in poverty.


    of adults seldom or never read their Bible

    9 hours

    a day is the average time spent on screens for generation Z.

    Client Testimonials

    Moving Story & Blessing

    “As usual the characters are true to life, real and unbelievable. The story is real life happening, not fantasy level, but God given life with its troubles and victories. Faith building and heart crying real life situation. As usual you will not be disappointed. I love his books and you can see his walk with God through his writings, he’s being used of God to stir our hearts and draw attention to God.”

    – Mary Gainey, Amazon Review

    Another Great Book As Always

    “This is one of the best Christian writing author’s of this century. As always he delivers such good words from Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. He deserves more than a five star. I so enjoy all of his books. This man has made history in my eyes. The more I hear about GOD the more I want to read and listen. T.K. Chapin is one of the world’s best authors, what we need in this day and time. The world changes, but GOD never will. Thank you Mr. T. K. Chapin.”

    Amazon Review

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